Thursday, April 1, 2010

Google Topeka Prank, Google Topeka Logo, Google Kansas City

Google has joined the celebration of April Fools Day 2010 by renaming its Google logo with the word “Topeka”.

And while Google changed its name for Topeka, the mayor of Kansas City named its city for a moment Google Kansas as part of its effort to be chosen by Google as a test city for its experiment of its latest ultra-fast broadband network.

The Google Topeka prank was explained by the company:

“Early last month the mayor of Topeka, Kansas stunned the world by announcing that his city was changing its name to Google. We've been wondering ever since how best to honor that moving gesture. Today we are pleased to announce that as of 1AM (Central Daylight Time) April 1st, Google has officially changed our name to Topeka.

We didn't reach this decision lightly; after all, we had a fair amount of brand equity tied up in our old name. But the more we surfed around (the former) Topeka's municipal website, the more kinship we felt with this fine city at the edge of the Great Plains.”

The Google Topeka Prank Logo:

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