Monday, April 19, 2010

Apple iPhone 4G HD Photos/Pictures, Specifications and Release Date

The newest iPhone gadget was just first a rumor as the newest generation iPhone and will be called “iPhone HD” or “iPhone 4G” according to technology writers and insiders who were introduced to this new models.

Release date of the iPhone 4G is expected to be out in the market late this year.

Endgadget has now shown some proofs of the existence of such new generation phone and have posted actually leaked photos/pictures of the iPhone 4G.

Check out photos/pictures of iPhone 4G or iPhone HD here:

Iphone 4G Rumored Specifications:

• Aesthetically, iPhone 4G will look similar to iPhone 3GS. However it will be 10% thinner than iPhone 3GS.

• Improved Battery life

• Revamped iPhone OS

• Improved and OptimizedPush support

• Flash,provided Adobe can complete in time

• Tougher anti-jailbreaking measures

• SIM card tray

• iPhone 4G will be launched in U.S only (Initially it will be limited to US, however it is expected that it will eventually go global hopefully)

• iPhone 4G will be officially released in the midpart of 2010.

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