Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What is Photas? Facebook Photas, Malware of Virus?

For people who are always into the amazing and addicted community of Facebook, encountering Photas may have been one of their experiences.

People then wonder what photas is. Is photas a virus or a completely legal and non-invasive type virus or malware that we usually encounter during our tour of the world wide web.

I have no idea either.

What is so amazing though with “photas” is that it one of the most widely searched question in the web as people are really wondering as to the nature of this application.

One place that greatly searches for this is India, as naturally it has one of the largest population in the world and so with the number of Facebook users.

So to answer from a person who has no idea what it is, the safest answer maybe is that one should just be careful of something that he does not know of and familiar with.

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1 comment:

jan geronimo said...

I know I give in once in a while to lurking and "stalking" my favorite people online, but to actively search for potas/photas? LOL. I wish I could. :)

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