Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tips on How to Answer Sudoku Puzzles, Tutorial Videos

I love playing the Sudoku game on my mobile phone and I can say that I can solve the puzzles just like any average guy out there.

But if you are giving me a Sudoku puzzle on a printed paper with more complicated numbers or letters, damn, that could be the end for me. I always fail, and only headaches are the things I get.

So for me, I always seek tips and tricks on how to solve the Sudoku Puzzle game.
Online, I found some tricks and tips for Sudoku and always videos to help those who are struggling on this mind game.

Mahalo for one offers on one of its pages a good list of tricks and Sudoku tutorial videos.

Hopefully, after studying all these tips and videos, I may some improvements on me and show some more speed on answering.

Image from Share Ware Central

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