Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to Submit your Blog URL on Bing Search Engine - Indexed on Bing

Bing is the latest search engine machine in the web under Microsoft. Though Google is still considered as the king of search engines, Bing is seen as a very promising tool not only for those who searches the web for information but more so for bloggers who optimize their articles and posts. This is surely one helpful blogging tip for those who who are into SEO.

How to Submit your Blog URL on Bing Search Engine

1. This is very easy to do. To submit your blog url and be indexed by Bing on its search engine, just head to this site url,


2. You need to login using your Live Id or any Microsoft Id and fill all the necessary information being asked.

3. Authenticate the ownership of your blog by either downloading the xml file and upload it on to your root folder; or by meta tag verification process. On the latter, you just need to simply add the Meta Tag to the section of your blog’s Header and then you are all done.

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