Thursday, March 11, 2010

FreeCheat Engine v5.5 Download - Beware for Computer Virus!

Some people have become so engrossed with playing Facebook Applications that using cheats makes the gaming experience more exiting if not advanced and cuts short the chase. And in able to this shortcut, avid gamers had used not only cheats that are almost always being thwarted and discovered by Facebook and the creators on online games, but they also use to download cheat engines like the cheat engine v5.5. When you search and look for a free download cheat engine v5.5, you will see a few items, but has been said, one should always be careful, as I discovered many of these free download of cheat engines are containing nasty malwares and viruses that will infect your computer and destroy your files. How to avoid? For one, make sure that your anti-virus software is always updated. I use AVG and it has been very helpful as results on search engines are being screened and green marks on search results mean that items are ok. Image from Dipity

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What the fun in using cheat engine. you won't accomplish much just by cheating. even worse you account might even get banned. i mean all that hard work for nothing.

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