Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Anne Curtis Wardrobe Malfunction Photo, Video| Wardrobe Malfunction Reactions

The Anne Curtis Wardrobe Malfunction Photo/Picture is circulating over the web. Though at this moment I have not come across a video of it, I found a copy of the purported photo of Anne Curtis, though the photo has been blurred. The photo has been taken during by some fans who watched the ASAP XV Live program last Sunday in Boracay.

Check out here: Anne Curtis Wardrobe Malfunction Photos

The Photo has solicited also some varied reactions and opinions from different camps and the debate is getting intense as to whether the wardrobe malfunction photo should be taken down or not.

Check out:
Debate and Reactions on the Anne Curtis Wardrobe Malfunction Photos

For now, the Anne Curtis Swimsuit Malfunction Photo makes people in the showbiz industry and also those in charge of production more careful on how to do things without letting things happen and end that way like that of Anne Curtis’ experience.

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1 comment:

Mac Callister said...

she should be more careful next time.or she have to glued in her swimsuit on her skin LOL!

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