Sunday, February 28, 2010

What is Chooks, Choks, Chuks by the Melason Love Team

The Melason Loveteam of Melai and Jason of PBB Double Up has become so popular even after their stay inside the PBB House. Both now has a new TV show entitled “Melason In Love”, a reality romantic comedy show every Monday-Friday, 10 AM and Saturdays after MMK.

The Melason Loveteam also popularized “chooks”…of which I really don’t know the real spelling…could be chuks, choks, whatever, LOL~! But I am certainly enjoying the crazy adventures and antics of these two lovely people.

One thing too, I really don't know what chooks as expressions of Melai and Jason means...most probably just as expression of endearment. But well, so long as I am enjoying their tandem.

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