Friday, February 26, 2010

How to Dispose your Mercury Thermometer - Mercury-Free Thermometer Instead

How to dispose a mercury thermometer?

It is one big concern now by the Department of Health as mercury thermometers are mandatory being phased out, banned and ordered not to be used due to the hazards it will cause the health of people using it especially if an untoward accident happens.

What is mercury? Mercury is a very toxic element that can cause serious damage to humans either through contact with it or inhalation.

Here are some Tips on How to dispose your mercury thermometers at home:

1. Take your mercury thermometer and dispose it properly by not throwing it just anywhere. It may be broken and end up being picked up innocent people.

2. Give it to local toxic waste disposal teams that can be found on local health centers or government units. By bringing it to these people, put the thermometer in a sealed plastic and label it toxic. Don’t bury it, it will contaminate the soil and even the water.

3. When accidentally the thermometer is broken, don’t ever touch the mercury with bare hands; try to use some instrument that could gather it up and put it in a sealed container.

4. Properly dispose also of the contaminated object you have used.

5. When you have accidentally made contact with the mercury or any of your family members, don’t wash it as the toxic chemical will only mix with water and contaminate water sources. Contact your family doctors or go to the nearest local health unit.

Now, since the mercury thermometer is already banned in the Philippines, you can replace it electronic or digital thermometers; that is the kind recommended by health agencies as it is mercury-free thermometer.

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