Thursday, February 18, 2010

Free Web Slush Pile for Writers, Websites

Amateur writers who are desperate to get their novels and story the attention of publishers can now find a new platform for which they can upload their written materials and manuscripts.

Free web slush pile websites for writers are now everywhere as some of the best sellers in the last few years came from those that were first rejected by major publishing companies. One of these is that of the “Twilight” series written by Stephanie Meyer.

One of these Free web slush file for writers sites are the following: by HarperCollins

Try your luck, and maybe next time, it is your manuscript that will be sitting the best sellers list.

Image from BMPL Lib

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1 comment:

jan geronimo said...

Aha, a cool site for fiction writers. Thanks, bro. When I have excess energy I'd take this slush site for a splash. Whatever that means. LOL.

Question: Why is it that the link to this slush site points to this post and not to the free site you blog about?

Feel free to delete the preceding paragraph and this one if you find it not relevant at all. Tried to reach you via DM in Twitter, but you seem very busy.

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