Thursday, January 28, 2010

House MD Season 6 and Episode 13 "Moving Chains" | Promotional Video

House MD has “Moving Chains” for its next episode which will be aired on Monday. It will be House’s Season 6 and Episode 13, which revolve around an NFL Player since the show is going to fall very close to the upcoming Super Bowl.

Here is a short synopsis of the episode:

House and the team rush to treat an ailing college football star in time for the patient to compete in NFL tryouts. But when the patient experiences an onslaught of varied and unusual symptoms, the team has trouble reaching a consensus on how to effectively treat him in time. Meanwhile, Foreman’s brother Marcus makes a surprise visit to the hospital.

Well, in order to know the fate of this college football player, better watch the show folks.

Watch the preview of the episode:

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