Sunday, January 3, 2010

Trial of the Crusader - Northend Beast Strategy

Anyone playing World of Warcraft? 3.2 has opened up another raiding strategy for players with the Wrath of the Lich King Blizzard.

Trial of the Crusader has three phases where players are tasked and expected to beat four different beasts of Northend coming in different waves: magantaur Gomok the Impaler, Jormungars Acidmaw and Dresdale, Yeti Icehowl.

Here is the excerpt on the Trial of the Crusader – Northend Beasts Strategy:

"When Gormak enters the room, two tanks need to grab his attention and hold him by the door into the coliseum. All ranged DPS and healers need to stand in the center of the coliseum so that they are out of range of the stomp effect.

The first important thing that needs to happen in this part of the beast encounter is that tanks need to trade threat by taunting off of each other every 25 seconds. Once the current tank has 2 stacks of the bleed debuff they need to call out for the next tank to taunt. Done properly the tanks can trade back and forth and only ever have two bleed debuffs."

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