Monday, January 4, 2010

SM Cinema: Watch Your Favorite Movies with Haste?

SM Cinema is certainly one of the biggest and widest cinema outfit in the country working under the SM Malls.

I am fond of watching movies on cinemas with its usual environment of dark room with wide screen and great digital surround. But what is the old days of watching movies in SM Cinemas wherein you can just come in anytime and just let yourself weave the scenes until you can complete the whole movie.

There is a new system with watching movies there. I experienced it lately when I watch movie. No it is not a premiere.

I entered 10 minutes late and the movie was already rolling. Now, when the movie ended I went to the comfort to relieve myself and when I went to go back to my seat watch the 10minutes I missed, the guard ushered me to go out as it is a new policy already that every showing has new viewers unlike the old times.

Well, I went out. And that is the new scheme on watching movies on SM Cinemas.

And I don’t like it. Really.

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pinoygossipboy said...

Oh, not all SM Cinemas though. I have a habit of watching a movie twice in a row, so free-seating cinemas are very appealing.

I just watched a movie earlier and it wasn't a one-time viewing movie.

elmot said...

@pinoygossipboy: Well, that is great Bro! Where is that SM cinema? ehehehe!

I and some of my friends experienced it with a one-time viewing of movies at SM.

pinoygossipboy said...

Sa SM North. Meron talagang one-time viewing lang. For instance, yung Avatar, one time viewing lang sya, kahit sa lumang SM Cinema. Depende rin sa producer siguro ng movie. Yung mga bagong gawang sinehan naman ng SM, puro one time viewing.

elmot said...

@pinoygossipboy: Oo nga, there are movies na one-time viewing lang like yung Twilight. Pero meron talagang mga SM cinemas na one-time showing lang maski anong movie. Kainis nga eh.

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