Thursday, January 28, 2010

Roxanne Guinoo Showed Bad Behavior?

This is one celebrity controversy that I could say, not really the usual scandal that people are looking into like nude photos are sex videos. One big scandal for actor and actresses is having that bad behavior.

And almost always, this good girl gone bad happens during tapings of shows when they are confronted or they confront fellow stars.

This time, it is between John Estrada and Roxanne Guinoo who had a confrontation during one of their tapings for the show “Everybody Hapi”.

John was irked by the fact that Roxanne was observed to be leaving their set even before their taping is even finished. The model actor reprimanded the young star.

But Guinoo did not taking this lightly and argued saying “Pag ikaw may ibang commitment na kasabay ng taping, we wait naman for you to come back.”

That is what you call “character”. Unfortunately, that is a veteran actor who has spend more years in showbiz than the age of Roxanne Guinoo. Scandalous.

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