Saturday, January 30, 2010

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If there is one place that I want to spend my summer aside from Palawan and Bohol, it is certainly the world famous white beaches of Boracay. One must not miss to visit it, spend great time, and tell the world that you alas have experienced what a summer vacation is really like.

But for those who are tight on their budgets including myself, it is always one big consideration, to avail of special promos and cheap hotel or accommodation packages prepared already by different resort owners and facilities in Boracay anticipating these concerns.

Cheap and Affordable Hotel and Accommodation Packages

Hotel and resorts in Boracay or even in Palawan and Bohol have already these kinds of offers prepared to customers. The typical package is an accommodation for a couple of nights on some of their pre-selected rooms and some free meal. Of course, these kinds of set-ups are not totally free when it comes to your meals.

The set-up also asks some numbers of people in a group in order to avail of such an offer, as the more you are going to use the accommodation, the cheaper the individual expenses will turn out when calculated.

One great way to scout for these summer treasures is to contact the official Wow Philippines hotline or visit their website at Wow Philippines (dot) Com.

Affordable Flights and Flight Schedules to Boracay

With the ever-growing tourism industry in Boracay Island, the need for more flights and more so affordable flights in going to Paradise Island has steeply risen also in the last couple of years. Thus, flight schedules to the island have been doubled by major local airline companies and even of small players. Soon, the island will open its own international airport making the travel more easier and affordable as tourists will not longer take a boat ride from the airport on going to white beach.

I for one is also very putting into consideration to have some savings on my plane ticket on going there. These have been addressed by airline companies by offering seat sales that costs barely 1000Php. Tip: whenever seat sales are being posted by airline companies, grab them

Summer is already fast approaching. Enjoy your summer vacation.

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