Monday, January 18, 2010

Paypal, Peybol, Paypall, Peypal, Paypol, Peypalls, Payment Online

I am trying to experiment on this one. Macuha did it already, trying to hi-jack misspelled words that are actually being searched online and Dexter also shared this.

So, why no try? One can only learn from doing it actually, looking and evaluating results and from there innovate.

Paypal is an online payment company that handles well all our online transactions. Unfortunately, people may easily misspell Paypal when searching for it on search engines. I too sometimes have done that.

People may spell it as Paybal, or Peypal as the closest to the way it sounds, or Paypals, or Paypol, or Payball, Paybal or Paypall or Paypol when looking for it as online payment either in the Philippines or internationally.

And these words could easily land us to nowhere or to sites closest to what we are searching. It is also my observation that most misspelled words come from countries that are not really speaking English as their first or second language.

Hope to receive some lost souls here, and see something out of this experiment.

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