Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Vaccine Against Malaria Discovered by Rhoel Dinglasan

Malaria is still one of the biggest cause of death worldwide especially on tropical and poor countries.

But more recently, Filipino entomologist and biologist working at John Hopkins University has discovered from his work a new vaccine against malaria.

Rhoel Dinglasan was recently featured on Health and Science section of Time Magazine for his discovery of a new vaccine that hopes to actually totally eradicate malaria in the near future.

The New Vaccine Against Malaria

Rhoel shared,

“Traditional vaccines work by introducing a killed or weakened version of a disease into the body, where the immune system spots it and cranks out antibodies against it. Then, if a wild strain of the pathogen comes along later — one that has the power to sicken or kill — the body is ready for it. The new approach is different. "

An antigen, called AnAPN1, will create more antibodies in order to prevent the transmission of malaria into the human system. These antibodies will be put into the mosquito in order to confine malaria within their system and prevent transmission into humans. And to put this in to work, the AnAPN1 will be put into the mosquito food source, that will sideline the malaria-transmission process.

Hopefully this is already one step forward into the total eradication of malaria and the saving of millions of lives.

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