Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Earthquake, Online Donation Sites for Haiti

The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that has struck the little and impoverished country of Haiti has destroyed many establishments homes and even the presidential palace, with many people left dead.  Casualties is estimated to further rise and authorities working for retrieval operations that could even hit 100,000 death toll.
Much of Haiti populated by 2 million people was flattened by the strong earthquake: the presidential palace, schools, hospital, homes, shanties, prison buildings and even the cathedral that killed the Roman Archbishop.
Even some peace-keeping corps and first UN respondents were previously reported to have been trapped on some buildings as some after shocks rippled through Haiti.  People were languishing everywhere and the sight of destructions is so appalling and the howling of sorrow could be heard everywhere.
Donations are slowly arriving at Haiti after the earthquake, and rescuers with sniffing dogs are working double time on trying to look for survivors and dead bodies buried from the rubbles.  Many were injured including lots children being treated on makeshift tents by volunteer medical personnel.
Haiti's leaders an international leaders said that this is the most destructive earthquake that the country experienced in 200 years, with even one senator expecting death toll to reach half a million.
World leaders are not trying to help the country with the United States through President Barrack Obama promising an all out-rescue and humanitarian aid calling out all military and civilian teams around the U.S. to help.  He has also already ordered USS Bataan to sail ASAP with 2,000 marine personnel to join with other warship towards Haiti.
Hollywood celebrities and personalities are also giving their financial assistance to Haiti leading with the couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and Wyclef Jean Check out article about them here:
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