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Great Wall Motors Philippines - Affordable China-made Cars

This is a Guest post by Zorlone of and, an interview with fellow blogger Jed Chan of, proprietor of Great Wall Motors Philippines.

I can't help but think that owning a car is a necessity to the corporate workers and the small and medium enterprise-savvy Pinoys. We are always looking for cost effective means of transport. Whether we use a car for our personal leisure, entertain our bosses and business partners, or even use it to spend family time on weekends, the reasons are countless.

But the recent economic drawbacks that our country experienced and the slow crawl of our business resurrection from the ashes made wiser Pinoys in all of us, thus we are constantly searching for not only the best, but the right alternative for a car brand.

In this search, I have come across a blogger-friend who's business pursuit led him to open his own car company that is the first of it's kind here in the Philippines. I was fortunate to have a one on one interview about some of the key points in his car venture.

This young entrepreneur is Mr. Jed Chan owner of I caught up with him last week and we talked about his new business.

I asked him first, "What made you decide, of all things, to start a car business?"

He was gracious with his reply then he looked at me and said "This is really a gift from God Lorenz."

With those words, I was taken aback and I knew instantly that this is more than a simple business project. So, he continued, "We didn't have any plans to be in the automotive business even though our family deals with transportation. The opportunity knocked and we just capitalized it."

"That's interesting, my friend." I told him. "We, (bloggers) of all people should know that there are trends in the market and we should go ahead and grab every kind of opportunity that comes our way."

"So now that you decided on this livelihood, of all the available brands, how come you chose Great Wall Motors?" I asked him. My forehead already started to show lines.

He then replied, "Aside from the company's sleek designs and exceptional car performance, the foundation of the Great Wall Motors Company is pretty solid. They have a long term vision to provide quality automobiles and after service to their customers."

"I believe that the line of cars that are here right now appeal more to the young professionals. I love how bold the company makes their sedans," I told him while looking at the curves of the cars at the showroom.

Of course the intelligent Pinoy buyer cannot help, but compare this company to the others, so I asked him, "What do you think is the edge of Great Wall Cars against the leading car companies?" At this point, I was sure that JedChan would not be offended with that question, but agree that I should ask it.

He took a deep breath and said, "First, of course the incomparable harmony of China-made and German Technology."

"I see," I interrupted. The car is the product of an alliance of two pioneering countries.

"Second," he continued, "is the value for money."

"That is always a must," I agreed with him.

He nodded in affirmation then said, '"Consumers can enjoy tons of features for a very reasonable price and third our vehicles are earth-friendly. Our gasoline engines are euro 4 compliant while diesel engines are euro 3 compliant."

"Whoa!" I gasped him, that is really something that I for one am looking forward for all the car companies to follow.

I just had to pick up on that last line and asked him at once, "Does that aspect make you proud to sell cars that have that kind of additional feature?

JedChan exclaimed, "I'm super proud!"

"We are Earth-friendly, fuel efficient, and full featured," he paused then said, "Just wait for our after-sales service."

"Hmmm... is that right?" I asked him. Now that is really something. I would usually think that after service is what the car sellers would call as tiresome and headache causing, but this guy is looking forward to continue a relationship with the car owners and I bet Great Wall Cars is planning so much more on it's first year.

In my excitement, I rattled on with these questions, "Do you think this is the right car for the budget conscious Filipino motorists? Any car suggestions to the young professionals, the hardworking dads, the adventurous driver?"

He just smiled with my enthusiasm and spoke slowly, definitely a contrast to the manner delivery of my questions. "We are confident that GW Cars is the right car for both the budget conscious and the not so budget conscious motorists. Coolbear or Florid for the young-pro and for the dads or for the family, I would recommend the Cowry or Hover. For the adventurous drivers, I would suggest the Hover or the Wingle."

"Oh, those were definitely cool choices man and I would schedule a test drive soon," I told him. What I really like is the Wingle, since I always think of myself as the adventurous kind and it is the right car for a resident of a flood frequent City of Malabon.

I had a hard time going back to the interview and seated myself in the Wingle. When I finally composed myself, I asked him. "What are your parting words to our readers?"

He said, again in a soft spoken but, businesslike manner, "The Philippine market is still quite skeptical about China produced vehicles, but may I invite you guys to visit our showroom and see these new breed of automobiles for yourself. Lastly, I just want to quote what Paulo, one of the persons behind the Top Gear Magazine said about GW Cars ' "You have really separated yourselves from other China brand automobiles." '

"Well said JedChan, I remarked, "By the way, where is your store again and how do we get in touch with you?"

"GW Cars is located at North Edsa and our complete address is 1021 Edsa, Project 7, Quezon City. You can reach us through (02) 372-2078."

From what JedChan and I talked about I think that Great Wall Cars have the advantage in the market, some of the key points are:

- The bold and young looking designs

- The technology of the Germans combined with the Chinese manufacturers' foresight

- The Earth friendly features such as the gasoline Euro 4 and Diesel Euro 3 compliance

- Reasonably priced packed with tons of feautres

- And don't forget the after service perks waiting for you.

Check out the Photos:

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Chef Tonio said...

Wow. I never knew GreatWall has unique car designs apart from other China made cars.

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