Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple Ipad Price, Cost │ Philippine Price and Cost

Steve Jobs has already unveiled its newest gadget: Apple Ipad.

The new gadget has stirred the imagination of people and Apple fanatics as it is somewhat set to send laptops into a mass genocide.

For all those who are dying to know how much is Apple Ipad, here is the official price list:

16GB Wi-fi $499

16 GB Wi-Fi + 3G $629

32 GB Wi-fi $599

16 GB Wi-Fi +3G $729

64GB Wi-fi $699

64 GB Wi-fi +3G $829

How much is Ipad in the Philippines?

Apple Ipad price in the Philippines though is not yet determined as it is not yet available in the country. But to have an idea how much its cost here in the Philippines, just be guided by they price above and currency exchange plus maybe some shipping and tax.

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jan geronimo said...

Pass. Some say it's just an oversized iphone. Maybe fancy, but in Japan they use it for something else: adult diapers called ai-pad. Ahehehe. Now, that's something practical and useful, don't you think? But don't look at me that way. I refuse to segue yet into being a senior citizen. At least not yet. :)

hanum said...

i like this gadget, many high tech features offering. Good...

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