Saturday, December 12, 2009

87-old Woman Salsa-Dancer Video

Never underestimate an 87-year old woman, she may easily floor you when the salsa music is played as she dances, turns and lifted by her dancing partner on the dance floor.

Your grandma may soon find an instant inspiration to return to the dance floor after watching this video of an 87-old woman dancing like a teen.

Watch the video here of the 87-year old woman dancing like Cheryl Burke:

Now, that is what you call a real hot grandma!

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Holly Jahangiri said...

I can't believe I'm sitting here applauding a YouTube video! Amazing woman; I hope I can do - well, I wish I could do that NOW. Good Lord. But what's really sweet is the respect and affection you see in the close-ups of her dance partner's face.

Berryblitz said...

That's a one hot grandma!!! My bones would cripple if I make those moves.

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