Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shane Mosely-Andre Berto Fight on Jan. 24 2010

Shane Mosely vs Andre Berto fight is a fight to watch for on Jan. 24 either in Las Vegas or New York.

Shane Mosely (37) who has a (45-5) fight record is going to face the younger Andre Berto in a fight for the WBC welterweight crown for which Berto holds.

The 25-year old Andre Berto holds a record of 23-0 is expected to pour in what he got against Sugar Shane Mosely with this fight to be one of his biggest break on his boxing career.

It can be remembered that Margarito passed on Mosely. And while Mosely is soon heading towards retirement, he is seeking a great fight to seal his career in the sport; asking a fight against Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

Unfortunately, things did not flourish for Mosely to fight these giants on the boxing sport and so ended up having a Mosely vs. Berto fight early next year.

The Mosely vs Berto fight will at least start the year with a good boxing. Expecting Berto to show and use his youth and agility while Mosely his being a veteran and savvy style.

Shane Mosely vs. Andre Berto is still a great fight to watch though not really as spectacular as that of the two best fighters who will slug it out on March.

Update: Since the Mosely-Berto was cancelled, Mosely-Mayweather Fight was instead scheduled on May 1, 2010.

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