Tuesday, December 22, 2009

PBB Double UP Christmas Ball Video

Big Brother has given the PBB Housemates a Christmas Ball after completing their tasks of doing a synchronized swimming performance to the music of Pinoy Ako.

The PBB Christmas Ball was exciting, with some of the male housemates ending up with having their own dates while Hermes and Tibo serving the night as waiters. On the ladies' side, Rica, Carol and beautiful Sam unfortunately ended up with no guys asking them out on a date on the ball.

Here are some of the PBB housemates and their partners:

Melai and Jason
Yohan and Cathy
Patrick and Cath

Certainly, there will be some twists as to the episode will also feature Rica and Sam crying for being left out on the occasion. Melai and Jason were also chosen by Big Brother as the king and queen of the night, ultimately treating them to visit the Mall Of Asia for an exclusive date.

Video of the PBB Double UP Christmas Ball:

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