Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rodell Vareen Imprisoned After Having Sex with a Horse!

No crime goes unpunished; even the most mind-boggling crime one could ever imagine.

As I went over HuffingtonPost, I came across their article about Rodell Vareen being sentenced to spend his time in jail for three years for having sex with a horse! You read it right, having sex with a horse! And it was already the second time in two years that he abused the creature that deserved him the punishment rendered on him by the court.

21-year old Sugar (the name of the horse) must have been so irresistible for Rodell Vareen that he assaulted the horse that made its owner suspect something was wrong with Sugar.

Her horse showed erratic behaviors and experienced infections that her setting up of a surveillance camera on the her barn revealed the ugly acts of Mr. Vareen of having sex with her horse.

Aside from three years of being in jail, Rodell Vareen is also prohibited never to go near the stable where Sugar's owner caught him having some steamy activities with the poor horse.

And this is what Rodell Vareen could say after hitting it with a horse, "I'm sorry about what I've done. I didn't mean to do it. It's my fault. I'm sorry for what I've done to myself."

This guy is certainly going nuts!~

Image from NewsX

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jan geronimo said...

Sugar, poor Sugar.  I hope she can put her traumatic experiene behind her and that she does not grow up to be a slutty horse. LOL.

elmot said...

Poor sugar indeed.  And with a face like this guy, it must have been a very difficult and traumatic experience for her. 

Any counselors or psychiatrist out there for Sugar? LOL!

Holly said...

Poor Sugar. You'd think, given their relative sizes, the old girl wouldn't have noticed. In addition to being a deviant, the guy must smell bad.

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