Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Leonid Meteor Shower on Nov.17

November 17 and the sky will lit up with the Leonid Meteor Shower. This strong meteor shower will be most likely seen across Asia with our country to have the rare privilege seeing the annual Leonid Meteor shower on your night sky.

What is a Leonid Meteor Shower?

According to Wikipedia, Leonids are "prolific meteor shower associated with the comet Tempel-Tuttle. The Leonids get their name from the location of their radiant in the constellation Leo: the meteors appear to stream from that point in the sky. The 2009 display peaking on November 17 may produce more than 500 meteors an hour."

So expect to have a great show in the night sky until early morning with the Leonid meteor shower. Surely, shutterbugs are right there to take shots at a rare opportunity and beauty of the night sky with the Leonids.

Image from National Geographics

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