Tuesday, October 6, 2009

David Letterman's Lover Stephanie Birkitt

David Letterman recently revealed and apologized on his show The David Letterman Show his extra-marital relationship without naming those women who are involved, more so his lover. He also apologized to his wife Regina Lasko for the mistake he has been involved with that was put on the spotlight due to an extortion plot.

But more recently, the name of the woman who is embroiled into this David Letterman Scandal has surfaced.

She is Stephanie Birkitt who is by the one of his show's staff specifically his personal assistant.

Other names who had been Letterman's women are Merril Markoe and Holly Hester.

Now, David will certainly have lots of work to do, to patch things up on this roller-coaster extra-marital affairs: but certainly not a time to throw some hilarious punchlines.

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1 comment:

Holly said...

I wonder why anyone cares - beyond Letterman, his wife, and these other women? If the public (his audience) didn't care, he would never have made jokes about others' extramarital affairs - so to point to that as a reason for the interest is hardly fair. The man's an entertainer, pandering to the interests of his audience - not a politician fooling around on the taxpayer's dime or a preacher hypocritically putting others in their place. The only reason this is a "scandal" is that a criminal tried to blackmail Letterman, and Letterman pre-emptively confessed to the acts the blackmailer threatened to reveal. That takes some courage. It doesn't excuse his cheating on his wife, but the "scandal" is surely an embarrassment to her, as well.

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