Thursday, September 10, 2009

Watch Pamela Anderson's Banned PETA Stripping Ad Video

Watch Pamela Anderson's Banned PETA Stripping Ad. entitled Cruelty Doesn't Fly. Some had refused to show the provoking video which shows Pamela Anderson trying to strip passengers of fur, leather and all animal skins.

'Cruelty Doesn't Fly'—Learn More at

What a way for a passenger to undergo a security check under Pamela Anderson stripping down people. Hooottt!

video from

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jan geronimo said...

So this is why you can't respond to tweets and sms.  Pamela Anderson is in the house of Elmot.  Ah well - that's cool.  Ahehehe

elmot said...

Yeah bro, Pam stripped guards me too much with her baton right here at Ani-mo!  What can I do? LOL!

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