Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shalani Soledad, Noynoy Aquino Girlfriend for First Lady?

Mar Roxas already parked his "pedicab" on the garage, at least on its trip for the 2010 Presidential elections.

Soon-to-be Mrs Palengkera, ooops, Mrs. Palengke rather Korina Sanchez hurled talong (eggplant), tomatoes and all sorts of vegatables in the bahay-kubo against Conrado de Quiros and detractors.

While Noynoy Aquino is set to go under the tedious process of talking and reflecting with his Creator over the weekend in order to arrive at a decision whether "to be or not to be", the hoped for next President of this funny Republic.

And her fiancee Shalani Soledad most probably is reeling and relishing over the scary yet exciting thought of becoming the First Lady of the Philippines starting June 2010.

Who could have thought that while everyone was already building up with the hype of the popular broadcaster Korina Sanchez becoming the next First Lady due to her much publicized engagement and scheduled wedding to Sen. Mar Roxas, an silent and private lady has stolen the show; and basked in the thorny spotlight of showbiz and politics. Shalani is not bad for a first lady huh? Nonoy has certainly a good taste for a partner. Not at all too late yet for the son of Ninoy and Cory Aquino to have a lovely wife. For sure Noynoy is singing and dancing to the tune of "Shala-la-la, Shalani in the morning."

Is Korina lamenting at the fact that she has lost her golden opportunity to become the first lady after all her hardwork with Mar Roxas? Roxas has withdrawn his race for the top spot; Korina and Noynoy's were once lovers. But I am pretty sure her answer is a big "No", with the wedding all set and saying she is all happy with Mar with or without the politics and presidency.

But will Noynoy's girlfriend Shalani Soledad still run for a congressional set on May 2010 with having the imminent possibility of becoming a First Lady? I think she is also planning to haver her own retreat in order to reach a decision either to run for a higher public office and say "I do" in addition to the growing speculations of a wedding.

There are very interesting stuffs huh, things to look forward side-by-side the political noise that is already quite deafening.

Anyone going for Shalani Soledad? How about Korina Sanchez for our First Lady? All bets here. :D

Image by Chuvieness

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