Friday, April 24, 2009

A Sold Out Senate Boxing, Wresting and Shooting Match

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The once refuge of the people through its perceived inner sanctum despite the pervading immoralities of corruption, cheating and lies in the government has become a laughing stock of the people. This place may not be a place of holies of holies nonetheless, the public so long been thirsting for transparency, accountability and the elusive truth found its ally and defender in the Philippine Senate. However, the public is now left in a disarrayed spirit after the recent display of pride and self-fulfilling actuations of our beloved Senators regarding the Php 200 million double-entry road project against Sen. Manny Villar being investigated by Sen. Ping Lacson of the ethics committee.

Senators confidently sported childish antics in front of the camera as they battled it out on the floor to the great appreciation of the media with cameras endlessly rolling and flashing. Exchanging tirades, accusations, bad-mouthing and spitting blood and molten lava were the sight to bear. Senators fighting each other, defending each other and senators confusing each other were the things that made me think of what the hell are they doing?

Now, the sanest of them all, the lady senator from Iloilo Miriam Santiago who once promised to jump off a cruising plane and fire off a bullet on her temple tries to referee the two warring camps and offered to resolve the issue in an ingenious way: a boxing match on which Sen. Lacson would win; a wrestling match, on which Sen. Villar would end up winning; and a shooting match which will make both of them end up in the morgue.

Very ingenious! Clap, clap, clap! Bravo Ms. Denfensor. This is the reason why she was not made a justice at the international court. Certainly the people at this organization did their homework very well. I am just so glad they did, or else we could have seen another Pol Pot.

In this sad event of high officials displaying their raw behaviors in front of the now confused public, questions are raised and thrown on this tainted chamber and a few good points were made.

1. That our senators are not different from the people of the Palace and the House of Representatives as we once perceived them to be when they opened the floodgates of investigating corruptions here and there.

2. That the aspiring next president of the republic is not as good as he is seen on his paid ads everywhere. He hides under the skirt of the big-mouthed Sen. Cayetano to defend him always on this issue. His presidential ambition therefore is at stake and obviously tarnished. Php200 million is still Php200 million.

He may not directly received a single centavo from the project, but surely he earned more than Php200 million and stands to earb even more in the years to come on all the road projects that he sponsored leading to all his vast tract of lands and subdivisions. Just make your way from Las PiƱas down here to Cavite guys by using those roads he sponsored and you will see for yourself the gold mine.

3. That we saw the real color of the man from Pateros Sen. Cayetano. His prowess against corruption during his stint as the Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman is now nothing but an apparent display of creating a good image to the viewing public during those telenovela days in the Senate. He is now content on lawyering his boss Sen. Villar forgetting of doing his job of releasing all those reports that should have long been accomplished under his Committee such as the Fertilizer Fund and NBn-ZTE Deal Scams. Maybe, when Villar wins the presidency he will become the little president of the Palace just like Executive Secretary Ermita? Hmmm, not far from reality.

And I never thought that he is one great paparazzi in barong too; he got a copy of the draft resolution by using camera phone? And he not reveal his source, am i hearing the always unfazed Jarius Bondoc in you? Wow!

4. That Senator Estrada has this noble virtue of showing a copy of the resolution to the Villar camp “without malice” take note, "without malice". Nice, seemed too good to be true. Thanks, but no thanks. Now, Senator Cayetano has no more reasons not to reveal his mole; the mole has spoken "without malice".

5. That Sen. Lacson has been the same old man. Doing his tricks with all honesty and wit yet with dirty hands; being the crusader and the Clint Eastwood of the Senate in a subtle way. This issue will either boost or shoot down his candidacy for presidency if he runs; that if Villar and his gang would not inject Mancao and Dumlao some pills to point out Lacson as the mastermind on the Dacer-Corbito case. Money speaks and move mountains in a country and a government mired by greed.

6. That the senators shown their real selves; all for their own ambitions and interest. Partisan politics is still the game wherever they are, which unfortunately made them all look like fools on TV pulling off tirades against one another without knowing what they are really up to. Right Senator Pimentel and Enrile?

7. That Sen. Santiago still never really fails to prove what she is really made of. Her great advice on how to resolve the issue between the two warring factions is I think one of the best that I heard so far from her. Her simplistic advice is I think one of the most profound that she did so far. Bravo! I just hope that she has also given this advice to the Palace occupant and her lapdogs. What then a relief.

8. That Sen. Lapid is always consistent to what he is and what he does inside the chamber: a spectator doodling the Pinatubo and lahar on his paper pad, always waiting for the sessions to halt for a recess or end and go home. He is up for an award: Most Consistent Senator of the Present Congress.

With the elections getting nearer, things are getting dirtier and nastier. Dogs are bitting the hand of the one’s that feed them. Masters are turning into insane dogs. Demarcation lines are now getting more visible and walls are slowly towering against enemies; and insane ideas cropping up out of the blue.

In the end, the public is still the loser in this match. But the public could also make them pay their dues making them accountable of their actions…hopefully next election.

And if this boxing, wrestling and shooting match happens, I so sure that it would surpass the Pacman vs. Dela Hoya pay-per-view sales. And I will not wonder if Madam Santiago would assume the post of Bob Arum as the newest promoter in town.

On whose camp are you? Villar? Lacson? Or would you help out dear Santiago on refereeing the boxing, wresting and shooting match?

Who do you think would end up as the Senate sole survivor?

It would certainly a great fun to read all your comments here. Don’t worry, Madam Miriam would not aim her guns at you. LOL!

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Jan said...

Funny descriptions of our dear senators. I think you did not intend to make a funny post, but what the heck, you're talking about comedians. That's why.

I'm not so up to date with the Senate happenings. So, look at that, Mr. Cayetano has shown his true colors na pala. Yikees.

And Ms. Santiago can't quite make up her mind. Will she be a comedian? Or a boxing promoter? Lol. I have no love lost between Lacson and Villar. Perhaps it's better if they had come to blows. Para naman sumaya taong bayan. Libre entertainment baga. At least si Mr. Lapid, no talk - no mistake. lol.

Nice one, Elms. Puede ka na political columnist!

Dinah said...

Kala ko nasa Professional Heckler ako eh :-)
They would have been funny kung hindi future nating ang stake no?

elmot said...

@jan: now, you could be at least be updated here on my blog big bro.

actually ms santiago is both a comedian doing her pun and punchlines effortlessly, plus she saw that being a boxing promoter is a lucrative business...she wants to follow ole' bob arum's footsteps and be her heiress i heard, ehehe

pwede na bang maging political columnist? hehee thanks big bro! :D

elmot said...

@dinah: thanks for the visit here! appreciate it alot.

wow, you thought you are at professional heckler? wow. thanks for the compliment/

that is the other sad side of the is our future that is at stake here.

hope to see you here more often. :D

Jan said...

Of course, you can, Elms. I believe in you.

elmot said...

@jan: thanks bro. you really never fail to uplift my spirit and affirm works.

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