Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Am Back; One Quick Post

I have not been able to make a post for the last 5 days. My blogging big brother Jan already sent me an email which only now that I have read asking what happened to me. They haven't even seen my shadow on the blogosphere.

So many news already happened, with the most prominent that of Ted Failon. I wish to make a post on this one but I simply can't. No, I am not resigning from blogging. There is a more important concern for me right now.

Apologies to all my blogger friends. I haven't visited or posted comments on my favorited blogs on my blogroll.

Last Tuesday, I was scheduled to make a post, but I received a text message from my sister. My father is in the hospital; quite in a critical situation.

He fell from the roof of a hotel that they were working on together with my uncles and nephews. He fell so bad that he has cringing of severe pain. After getting examined by the doctor at the Riverside Hospital, he suffered from 2 broken ribs. He was given some first aid by the attending physician but my father still kept on cyring, something that you would very rarely see from him.

My uncles brought him to another hospital and he was reexamined, and the doctors saw this time 3 broken ribs and has pierced his lungs and caused four wounds on it. The doctors then made some procedure to save his lungs from deflating because of the wounds.

To make things worse, they discovered that he has tuberculosis.

My father is not really a chain smoker but can smoke an average of 6 sticks a day. Many years ago, I told him to stop from smoking if he wants really to enjoy his family. Being the eldest among 4 siblings that I am, and having some authority in our family, he followed my wish. But after 6 months, he is back to his old habit.

Having a TB is curable, but having a father at his age of 53 so hard-headed that he is, this illness is so fatal.

This family tragedy I must say that has caught us off-guarded kept my away from blogging fro 5 days.

My father is always crying because of so much pain, that only some injected medicine could make him sleep and not feel the pain only for a moment.

We are not that close; he is not touchy, not showy, not talkative. He never shows his emotions to his children. He does not tell us how he feels. He is like a wood, unaffectionate and distant. I used to feel bad about this, used to be so angry at him being like that as a father to us. But the years changed me, and just accepted him the way that he is; he is jus a product of his own historicity.

And this tragic accident made me also reflect on my love for my father; the things that I have not received from him and the things that he should have shown us. But he is my father...and came this fear on me of losing him this early. This moment made me think and feel on my own solitary moment how I cherish him and love him with all the despite of and inspite of.

I made this post today quickly just to dispel from my blogging friends their worries of how I am doing or where I am, of why I am not blogging for days.

I am now on my way to buy some medicine; just made a stop at an internet cafe to make this short post.

Sorry, this is just quick. Quick check of Twitter and instant message. Can't visit yet my friends' blogs. Can't check yet all the mails.

Hopefully, everything will be just fine for my father...and our family.

I wish for all your prayers for his speedy recovery.

Thanks for all the understanding guys.

Hope to be back next week.

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Jan said...

What is one prayer worth? I don't know. I'm not a prayerful person. But I will pray for your father's quick recovery.

Maybe in a sea of prayers the one coming from a doubter/heretic like me will have a tad more weight? ",)

I will, Elmot. I promise.

I love your description of your father. And to think it's just a quick post. Wow. Quite touching in its honesty and candor.

Cheer up, dude. We can wait.

bingkee said...

Sorry to hear that Elmot. I feel bad too and don't worry about us or our blogs ...don't worry about blogging. You don't need to apologize. Go and take care of your family and yourself. I will pray for your father's recovery and your family's well -being. My prayers go for you and your dad.

Not being close does not mean you don't love him.
As Jan said, cheer up. Pray and be faithful .

ice_hot said...

elmot, to be honest as i was reading your post i was hoping somewhere in the bottom you'd say you were just joking... am sorry for what happened to your dad bro. be strong. may the force be with you.

Roy said...

Hi Elmot!

I came here straight from Jan's blog and that's where I learned about what happened to your father.

I'm sorry to hear about that bro, I'll pray for him.

Be strong.

ceblogger said...

i pray for your father's quick recovery. and may He provide for your financial needs. Take courage, bro!

yatot said...

hoping for your father's quick recovery... come back soon with some good news on your father's health... don't worry much on blogging... your father is more important...

Snow said...

Praying for your Dad's quick recovery bro. Welcome back again to the Pinoy Blogosphere. ^_^

elmot said...

@jan: thanks for the prayer bro. surely God hears your prayers, and i am pretty sure, God would love to hear your voice speak to him especially about other people's concern.

that is my father...that is how he is...and love him just the way that he is.

elmot said...

@bingskee: thanks...i am trying not to worry about bloging, and i am just thankful that i can at least reply to all your comments. i really appreciate all your prayers and affection.

elmot said...

@ice_hot: how is wish it was all but a prank...unfortunately it is not. thanks bro!

elmot said...

@roy & ceblogger: thanks bros. i really appreciate all your prayers. don't worry, i am trying to be strong on this one.

elmot said...

@yatot &snow: thanks for all your prayers.

he is now out of the hospital resting in our house in the province, but he is still in great pain, spitting blood everytime he coughs, cannot eat taking only liquid diet and cannot speak.

Jehzeel Laurente said...

OOOOOOOOOpss.. I'm very late in reading this comment.. I hope everything's fine now... :)

elmot said...

@jehz: ehehhe! ikaw pal ayan idol! ehehe! oks lang un, basta't everytime na andito ka sa blog ko, saya na ko ehehe!

i think everything is but fine na eheh!

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