Monday, February 9, 2009

"Angie's" Unlucky Charm

One of my routine when i start the day is to check the latest news and headlines on the newspapers or the internet. And one excruciating part of doing this daily task is to read bad news over and over again, with each news like a dagger stabbing a helpless hostage of a melodrama. The issue on the scarcity of LPG supply is still fresh, the only new thing is that I can now cook without ending myself up full of dust and charcoal over my face. We traded our Gasul tank with a not-so-known LPG brand for some Php 600. Well, than sticking up with using charcoal of which we can consume one sack for only about 6 days (with each sack now skyrocketing to Php220 from Php170 last Christmas). Not really a sign of relief. And it means I am still pissed off with "Angie" Reyes. I cannot simply just get over him.

Upon browsing over Philstar this morning, I smiled for my post about Sec. Reyes having some innate bad luck is echoed by ParaƱaque solon Roilo Golez. And thanks to him for he reminded me one vital post that Sec. Reyes occupied: Secretary of National Defense, and we all know what misfortunes occurred while he was still there. He has thus built a reputation of having this unlucky charm as a public servant. Can be a good moniker though.

Here is the article:

MANILA, Philippines -- It appears that Secretary Angelo Reyes is the jinx in President Arroyo’s Cabinet, according to opposition Rep. Roilo Golez of ParaƱaque.
Golez said Reyes attracts misfortunes in any department he heads.

“It seems a dark cloud of misfortunes stalks his Cabinet career. It’s almost like he is a magnet of calamities,” he said.

“Today, everybody knows there is an LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) shortage except Secretary Reyes. By his own admission, this LPG shortage is the first time in 36 years. Frankly, I cannot recall whether there was an LPG shortage at all ever in the past. It is indeed Secretary Reyes’ misfortune that this LPG shortage coincided with his watch,” he said.

Golez said when Reyes was secretary of national defense, the Dos Palmas kidnapping and the Magdalo mutiny happened.

“When he was DILG (Department of the Interior and Local Government) head, there were the jueteng scandal, Bicutan massacre and the Ultra tragedy. When he was transferred to the DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources), the following environmental disasters struck: Southern Leyte landslide, Mayon’s threatened eruption, resulting in mass evacuation, and the Guimaras oil spill,” he added.
He noted that oil prices shot up to unprecedented levels and the “unprecedented” shortage of LPG occurred during Reyes’ watch as energy secretary.

“I beg Cong. Mark Cojuangco (of Pangasinan) to postpone his proposal to activate the Bataan nuclear plant while Angie is the secretary of energy. Wait for his transfer to another department. A nuclear calamity will be the mother of all calamities,” Golez said.

In January 2001, Reyes, who was then chief of staff of the Armed Forces, led the entire military leadership in deserting then President Estrada amid a corruption scandal and in supporting Vice President Arroyo’s ascension to the presidency.

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albert said...

that is the curse one gets out of betrayal

elmot said...

too bad indeed for angie...the prob is that he is just too calouse to feel that curse and public outrage

ice_hot said...


eto ang chismax...

magboyfriend daw si tita glo at angie!!!

the earning student

elmot said...

@ice_hot: ahahah! yun din ang iniisip ko, magdyowa sila, kasi di naman na talaga nagsasama si gma at fg eh...kasi si fg palito, si angie ay bazooka raw...ahahha

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