Friday, February 8, 2008

Sweet Ilonggo Language

Ilonggos are fond of different expressions and many people are quite confused whenever they hear Ilonggos speak though they are known to be very sweet kind of people. Two years ago, my Ilocano friend in the seminary went with me and spent his summer vacation in my humble province. Little did I know that he was very excited to spend his vacation in Bacolod because my bestfriend is already his girlfriend and its their first time to see each other! And only then that I discovered, what an idiot I am!

Anyway, when he was there, he was amazed by the way Ilonggos speak. People are always smilling but he always got confused whenever people are having a sour face yet speaking still in a sweet and gentle tone to his fellow. He cannot really differentiate an angry Ilonggo from a cordial Ilonggo. He would then brush me aside and ask me if ever people are angry or not. Even in our house, when my mother scold my younger sisters, she would yell at them with tiger eyes yet her tone is as meek as lamb. Because of the gentle tone of our language, even being angry sounds sweet for non-Ilonggo who hears us speak. For sure husbands who are already fed up with their nagging wives would love to have Ilonggo wives nagging at them sweetly this time around. Wives will nag you sweetly why you arrived late, or why are you drunk again, or have kissmarks. Maybe this is also why my father liked my mother because despite my mother nagging him whenever he arrives late at night, she nags him in a sweet loving tone.
Some Ilonggo words and expressions worth learning:
ambot - I don't know
ga/pangga - dear/love
basi - maybe
tuod? - really?
nami - beautiful
namit - delicious
law-ay - ugly

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