Saturday, January 26, 2008

Importance of URL Links

I am quite concerned with my site driving traffic, not really much to monetize from it (though its also a great opportunity and consideration) but to have at least regular visitors who will read over my blogs. As have been said, content is very important in any blogsite or website. Having your own niche is not only the important thing to have readership and viewership but also having a unique and informative content is as important as its niche. Making people return to your site, making them regular visitors indicates that your content are significant to them that makes them crave for your upcoming articles. However, since knowing how the algorithms of search engines work is one of the greatest secret, its unpredictability does not always put one’s site on its proper rank when using the search engines for related words, topics, labels or tags. The intricacy of the operation of the web spider crawling to different sites is simply very unpredictable, but I am not saying that this should be dismissed.

One option in making your site more visible in the net aside from using adwords and maximizing the labels and tag words is by having back links to your site or blogs. Links generate more traffic to your site and also increases your page rank which makes it more visible to search engines. You can do this by following:

1. Exchange links with other websites and bloggers. You can do this by going over other blogsites and request for an exchange of links to them.

2. Join as many blog directories as you can and submit your blogs though some directories comes with a cost. There are alot of directories of which you can submit your blogsites for free but if you can afford with some directories that comes with a price, you will not also regret yor payment for they also boast of assured drive for traffic and visibility in seach engines.

3. join forums and put your signature so that other forumers can easily see, connect and link to your sites.

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