Friday, February 15, 2008

As the Bishops Say it (duhh!)

This morning was a very cold one in a time of the year when everyone expects a hotter weather due to the coming summer. The coldness of air was sharp and pierced through my skin sending shivers down to my spine.

However, weather is not attuned with the report over the radio with some Catholic bishops asking the populace for "communal action" against the pervading controversy of NBN ZTE Deal. When interviewed, the bishop of Tuguegarao clarified that "communal action" meant "praying with faith for change". The coldness in my skin turned into hot blood rushing into my head. Furthermore, he said that the Catholic Church is not involving itself into any political action against the great societal issue at hand and asks everyone to "pray".

In this times of immorality and a society full of lies and deception, the late Cardinal sin comes into mind in so many Filipinos because of his activism in the pulpit. His burning zeal for democracy and social justice toppled the strongman doing it in the pulpit even years before historical EDSA 1 broke out. He preached what he practices to the extent of defying orders from Rome. This is the great legacy of Cardinal Sin whose moral guidance and pastoral fervor is already part of the Filipino life and not only of history books.

However, the direction and tone of the Catholic bishops of the Philippines is a showing of lukewarness and hypocritical dogmatics. Indeed in this turbulent and trying times in my country, prayer is of essence, however I think even the bishops have come to a point of lacking the moral ascendancy that Cardinal Sin has.

We pray everyday, we pray for peace, we pray for truth and the power of prayer is so strong but as they say, "Faith without action is dead!" I am a devout Catholic myself but the hierarchical structure of undertanding truth and salvation has pissed me off for so many instances already. And their pronuncement of communal action = prayer is also a dead call as the fate of the faith of so many young Catholics in this age. One cannot just pray and ask for a job or happy marriage or personal financial stability or high grades during exams without doing his part. Its a deception! These bishops lead the people into a deceptive teaching and pastoral accompaniment towards social justice as so many of them did in the past.

Maybe, there is truth in the words of Fr. Reyes (the running priest) that bishops does not have the balls to protest and call for the President's resignation for the queen is also one of their sponsors. Patronage has sipped through the cracks of the Catholic Church already.

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