Saturday, January 19, 2008

Resorts in Bacolod

Resorts in Bacolod.
Here are some resorts in Bacolod City where you can also find time take a dip and cool yourselves having fun under the sun. Children will certainly find these places just within the city enjoyable.

Sta. Fe Resort located at Burgos Extension, Bacolod City is a 15minute drive in the outskirt of the city. The lush greens, park and mini-zoo gives everyone the oneness with nature's beautiful gifts. Cottages are lined up under the cool shade of the mighty trees. Different swimming pools for kids and also professional swimmers are there for everyone to take a dip and enjoy the day. For other people who does not have the liking of water, there are also billiard halls, basketball courts and bowling lanes to spend the day with friends. There are also restaurants and bars to offer different refreshment and drinks. Don't fail to visit this place.

While Sta. Fe is at the outskirt of the city trying to meet the sky because of its elavated location, Palmas Del Mar on the other hand meets the sea. Located at J.P. Torres Avenue, Bacolod City, the cool breeze from the see and splendid landscapes will make one feel relaxed. Priding itself with a lagoon where you can do some boating, there are still more that this place has to offer. There are bars, videoke halls, billiard halls, townhouses, cottages and swimming pools with slides. The night will also enthrall all visitors as lights and the cold breeze of the see makes this place more romantic and sweeter.

These are only few of other places to spend in Bacolod. I will surely bring you more of these places and of Bacolod. I have personally been to these beautiful places and enjoyed myself with my friends countless of times.

Come and visit Bacolod!
Bacolod City Tourism Office

Palmas Del Mar Resort
J.P. Torres Avenue, Bacolod City
034-435-3527 / 034-434-7921

Sta. Fe Resort
Burgos Extension, Bacolod City

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