Monday, December 10, 2007

Mayweather vs. Hatton vs. Myself

I woke up early yesterday partly because of the adrenalin that was pumped unto me of the week-long advertisement of the I must say, fight of the year in boxing. I was excited to watch the fight! Both fighters undefeated. Mayweather months ago showed his finesse in the boxing ring by putting in the trash bag De La Hoya. Hatton on the other hand launched a back-breaking punch in the side of Castillo sending the poor Mexican down to kiss the canvass and say goodbye. I don't really like Floyd though I admit that he is indeed the best boxer in town, for he talks alot; his mouth is as fast as his punches. It turns me off. I go for Hatton in this fight maybe just to see and "hope" something and someone would trounce the Pretty Boy and put some mark on his unscathed face. Nonetheless, it will be a big, big fight!

As I said in my previous post, there are four things that excite Filipinos: basketball, boxing, telenovela and lotto. I wish I could make a specific post on each of the things that I mentioned to our hearts' delight. Anyways, I am a Filipino (though a rebellious Filipino at times) thus, is fascinated on those those four that serve as buffer amidst the indespicable people in the government; except betting on the lottery. I love basketball, I watch telenovela (not really and avid fan of it, *winks*), I love watching boxing, but excuse me, I will not bet my money on a game of fools. Others maybe will comment that politicians do excite Filipinos. Hmmm...I think they only excite a very small fraction of Filipinos during election and today, their charisma is slowly becoming a myth shrouded in the past.

I got the love in this sports from my grandfather who never miss any batching match being televised, whether they are cash-strapped fights or just like cheap fist fights. He was once a boxer too, though not really a professional. He is a boxer together with some of my uncles during fiesta; instant boxers. He will even give gloves to his sons and let them box under the big shade of the tree in front of our old house in the farm.

Ilonggos love boxing trully, with so many Ilonggo boxers taking the center stage either with their hands raised or kissing the canvass at the end of the fight.

So as I scanned the TV for the much-awaited fight, I realized that I was bit too early for anime shows were up on the slot. Other channels were having this televised sunday mass...well, I will be attending mass in the afternoon anyway and I cannot stick out my tongue on the screen of the TV to receive communion. The cold morning air pushed me to go back to bed but surely, I cannot trust myself when it comes to sleeping and most likely I will be a sleeping beauty the whole Sunday. Nahh! Hearing the funny sound of the puto vendor's horn signaling our neighborhood that his stuffs were up for grab to early risers, I took a few coins from the purse of my pants hanging dead behind our bedroom's door. Bought some puto and listened to some hair-raising music and in just a few minutes the puto were all gone.

The air was cold, really and wet drops of cold water were little by little flooding the big holes of my nose. Betchabygollywow! It was quite gloomy as dusk and rain was pouring outside like madman. Raindrops were sputtering down my face through the wide open window. I wiped my face and told myself that I was totally conscious; watch on the wall clock cloaked by shadow and it was already 3 o'clock! Nice! I turned in the TV and scanned the channels and had my last stop at channel 2. Yeah right!!! There was dancing and merry-go-round. No more fight.

I think I need to add one more thing that each and every Filipino loves: sleeping. As I told you, I cannot trust myself when it comes to sleeping... shhh... shhh...shhh....

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