Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The New TV Primetime Rivalry

Last Friday's episode of Marimar was certainly an explosive one. It was a bomb! Two hunks fighting over a lady who is making them her boy-toys but is undeniably still very much hooked with her husband Sergio. And two sexy babes Marimar and Angelica fighting over the attention of once again Sergio which ultimately led to a showdown by the pool side , showing all their curves and humps to the more than 40 million Filipino viewers. What a life by Santibanez!

One faculty member was even lured by stories of his co-faculty members and friends and so watched the episode for the first time and never imagined the great appeal of the telenovela to the viewing public gaining an average viewership rate of 45% that flipped the other no. 1 station (coz the both claim they are no. 1 TV stations) down to the abyss of unknown dreamgirl performances. Duhhh..Another co-faculty who is a basketball addict was so excited for a whole week to watch the episode (especially the showdownby the pool side) with the basketball games ending up in the trash bin. Count the length and number of advertisements and you know what I mean.

Definitely, with a show that has a story that already proved to be a hit (with Thalia as the original Marimar), sexy girls wearing skimpy gowns and bikinis, hunks showing off their toned bodies and abs and a story of a hopeless-romance-but-will-turn-out-to-be-meant-for-each-other thing, skyrocketed to new heights the prime time ratings of the other no.1 station, GMA7. What can you look for?

Last night, I was also glued to Marimar with the remote control resting over the center table which is very unnatural if I am watching the TV. With the usual dramatic and almost always illogical lines and turns, tears rushing from the beautiful eyes down to the powdered-filled face of Marimar and the wiggling of the over-curved, over inflated butt of Corazon, came a flash report that took away my attention. Word by word came rolling the news at the bottom part of the TV and I immediately took the remote control from its deep sleep and with a flash of lightning, scanned the different channels for news updates of the bomb explosion at the south lobby of the Batasang Pambansa. One by one, all the channels broadcast their flash reports of the horrible terrorist attack. I was changing channels from one after the other trying to get the latest updates and statements regarding the frightful event. Congressman Akbar of Basilan and a chauffeur died with many others wounded. Certainly it was not only an attack to persons who died and got wounded but an attack to the institution and the whole country. Maybe other people would opine that the attack was a failure for it should have exploded right in the center of the plenary session while corrupt congressmen were debating how much they will get out of the different projects of the government as kickback. But still, the event sends to us a frightful message. A bomb exploded right at the backyard of the big men and women of politics.

I turned the TV to channel 7 but there was no Marimar and only the abangan bukas thing already flashing. Well, I think Marimar and other top-notched shows have new rivals for viewership during prime time. Certainly its not ABS-CBN; they could never topple down GMA anyways though both say they are no. 1s. (Let the different award-giving bodies judge) Terrorists, extremists, anarchists, destabilizes, or whatever you call these blood-thirsty-fugitives, are the new producers and directors of horrible, despicable and harrowing shows in town during prime time second only to the grand opera of cash gifts, bribery and corruption scandals orchestrated by Gloria herself.

I don't know if these blood-thirsty-fugitives had already received numerous advertisement offers from different companies...Let us wait and see, but definitely De Venecia is not happy.

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