Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Kiss of Death to Lady Justice

image by inrepair

The Court of Appeals has laid silent its gavel; Lance Corporal Daniel Smith is not guilty and is now a free man.

He can now loose weight, get back to his old great shape when he raped Nicole in Subic, be back in the service of the US Military if and only if he is acquitted by the US Military Court in Japan, shoot some bullets and sing proudly the Star Spangled Banner. And maybe become Oprah’s next favorite chef. And as I predicted, he has gone with the wind off from the US Embassy without any word to the government official assigned to him; off from this beleaguered land that made him a household name. I would not wonder if some children will be having Daniel, Smith, Corporal or Lance on their IDs. We are quite fond and creative on this one.

If the Subic Rape case would have happened at the Embassy Bar of Tim Yap and his Gucci Gang, certainly it would have been handled differently and Smith would have not bloated like a toy balloon with the press having a feast day pricking him.

One sure thing: Daniel Smith is now a free man. And he could become one great chef. :D.

I would have just let this issue pass, and as a matter of fact, I did not write anything on it for I was quite confident that despite Nicole's recantation, Smith would still rot in jail not at the US Embassy. But it is not the case anymore; I am putting up my flag on this one once again.

What happened over this sad and very frustrating issue is but a shadow of another Filipina raped in Japan by a US Serviceman but ended up defeated with a beleaguered spirit and dignity. I am no math genius but let me just blog about this thing that has burdened my spirit through simple mathematical presentations. I just hope my algebra teacher will not stumble on this blog, or she should surely humiliate me on this one.

Nicole's alleged rape case + Public Outrage + Judge Pimentel = Smith is Guilty

Smith is Guilty + Anti-VFA Sentiments + Appealing the Case at the Court of Appeals = Stalemate Situation

Stalemate Situation + Question of Custody - No action from the government via the Solicitor General + Dirty Hands working under the Table = Nicole getting Frustrated

Frustrated Nicole + American CIA Agent dressed up as a Suitor and Confidant + Slow Process of Justice = A Leaked Court of Appeals Draft Decision that Smith is not Guilty

Leaked Draft Decision Supreme Court Ruling of Custody + Nicole’s Recantation = Surefire American Victory

Surefire American Victory + Nicole is in the States living the American Dream with his Brother + Obama’s Call 2 + Court of Appeals Ruling of Smith as Not Guilty = American Victory

American Victory = Another blow to Philippine sovereignty, justice system and nationalism + Another frustrated blogger in Cavite.

Of course there no more remedies on this one, Nicole and his brother being in the US and eating hamburger, pizza, apple and shouting their hearts out on the roller coaster rides in Disneyland.

It was a kiss of death to Lady Justice. And it sucks!

What is your opinion of the acquittal of Lance Corporal Daniel Smith and his quick exit of the country? How do you judge Nicole’s recantation and starting anew in the US?

Write your comments here and your own mathematical presentation; you can also subscribe to always be updated on the happenings on this blog.

Is math ok? I hope you are not my math teacher, LOL!

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Jan said...

Nicole is in the US? Ah, ok.

I have no equations to share, Elms. Did you not notice I was the person behind you in row 5 in Algebra class? ",)

This news sucks indeed. But your graphics is fantastic. Biglang kambyo noh? lol. Where did you get it? Meron pa ba?

Major Tom said...

It always happen that when a case of law becomes trapped in international politics, especially concerning a powerful state like America, the law is often bended to cater to an immovable and threatening force. It is bad that way.

Lucrecio Emerito said...

The math is fine. But I can't make my own math presentation, sorry. Much too difficult.

Math is comfortingly predictable. 2 + 2 always equals 4. It does not depend on which country or jurisdiction.

Case law OTOH is flexible just like what Major Tom above said. It depends on a lot of things like int'l politics and the country(s) involved.

This flexibility is both good and bad. But representing it mathematically is difficult to do without going into generalizations.

There's even this joke that goes:
Q: What is 2+2?

Engineer: 4, what else?
Lawyer: It depends on what answer you want. I can defend it.

BTW, aren't Libery and Justice both female?

brixxx said...

@jan: just saw this image on google; the power of google, ehehe!

well, i was behind your seat at algebra class remember? i was peeping through your paper during exams, LOL

Unknown said...

hahay. kalooy pd sa mga pinay if perme nalang ingon ani oist.

brixxx said...

@major tom: i am happy to see you here, you are always welcome here on my blog and hope see you more often.

indeed, policies either international or local is very much affected international policies that are much the faces of international super powers.

and in the end, it is all the poor countries that have to bow and bend its knees before these super powers despite losing its own face and dignity.

brixxx said...

@lucresio: thanks for affirming my simplistic math here, hehehe.

totally true, math is always the same, even in your dreams. but human conduct is always unpredictable, moved and affected by so many this case money and power.

wow, you pulled that one off with your humor.

now, i am thinking of not becoming a lawyer anymore, ehehhe!

thanks for visiting, you are always welcome here. hope to see you more often here :D

brixxx said...

@marian: i really don't know if i understood your comment right, ehehe. though i can understand a few bisaya.

hope you could visit once again and make a translation for all of us here :D for sure so many readers here will appreciate your perspective.

Cody said...

I believe mariancalago said: (sigh) kawawa naman ng mga pinay kung lagi na lang ganito.

I think you make a good lawyer. Seminarians are good in Philo. Just make sure that you take law for the right reasons.

brixxx said...

@luke: actually i wanted to become one... that is why i really made it a point to win Jan's top commenter for april coz his prize is a john grisham book.

but that dream is still here, though not immenent

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