Saturday, March 14, 2009

Comic Strip Friday

Comic Strip Friday once again friends! Our featured story of the day, President GMA and the Anti-terror Suit

*Click to enlarge image*

Hope our Comic Strip today made your heart smile and your minds bleed, ehehe! Do you think that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo could be considered a terror/terrorist after all that she has done to the Philippines especially the killing of jounalists and activists?

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bloggista said...

This one's funny bro. Dami mo talents ha. hehehe.

elmot said...

@bloggista: thanks bro, you never fail to compliment others, so generous doing it. hahaha..

i will be posting some more of this self-made comics strip

Roy said...



elmot said...

@roy: hahaha! right on target?

there is jst too much rubbish in the goverment that prudence is not already applicable and let these stupid stuffs pass by us unnoticed, ehehe

hop you will enjoy some more of my posts like these comics..ehehe

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